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340B Growth and the Impact on the Oncology Marketplace: Update

Aaron Vandervelde

December 15, 2015

Aaron Vandervelde discusses the 340B Drug Discount Program, Medicare Part B hospital outpatient drug spend, and oncology drugs and practices.

In light of renewed focus on the 340B program, and with the acknowledgment that oncology drugs in particular play a significant role in the 340B program, this report seeks to understand the following:

  • Historical growth in the 340B program along alternative dimensions such as percentage of hospital outpatient revenue at 340B hospitals
  • Current size of the 340B program based on Medicare Part B hospital outpatient drug spend
  • Percentage of Part B drug spend at 340B hospitals attributable to oncology drugs
  • Historical growth in Part B oncology drug spend at 340B hospitals versus non-340B hospitals
  • Medicare Part B oncology drug reimbursements to 340B hospitals and community oncology practices

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