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BRG Professionals Ranked in Who's Who Legal Construction 2021

May 28, 2021

Who’s Who Legal Construction 2021 has ranked ten BRG experts for their work on disputes and claims arising from both quantum and delay issues on major projects.

Three experts based in the UAE received a profile:

  • Future Leader Craig Gibson “is highly responsive, his reports are clear, and he performs well under cross examination”. “He has the ability to grasp and understand complex issues quickly” and “is able to present his views in a clear and understandable manner”.
  • Zane Hedge “has great technical ability and a detailed-orientated approach that is impressive” and “is brilliant for delay matters”.
  • Michael Kenyon, head of BRG’s Dubai Construction practice, “gets into the detail and gives a very balanced view”, “is really focused on understanding the issues” and “is very good, extremely no nonsense and allows you to really focus on the right things”.

Five experts based in the US are ranked:

  • Rick Fultineer, leader of BRG’s Global Construction practice, “is a thoughtful and honest consultant and expert, who always assembles the most efficient and responsive team to support his testifying expert skills”. “He is very good at breaking down complex concepts and explaining them in a straight forward and easily digestible manner for a jury, arbitration panel and clients”.
  • John Jerz “does a good job of identifying where a data set lacks sufficient information to provide a confident assessment of costs and damages” and “is extremely diligent in performing his work, identifying weaknesses in cost submissions from opposing parties and experts”.
  • Ben Nolan “is highly professional, easy to work with and his report was well prepared”, “testified well in the court room” and “does really good for his clients”.
  • Anamaria Popescu “is a powerhouse”, “a clear communicator who brings great energy and enthusiasm to all tasks”, “a true expert in delay analysis” and “is able to distill difficult concepts into easy-to-understand language”.
  • Future Leader Phil Urwin “has the ability to take technically complex issues associated with liability and alleged delay damages, and reduce them to easily understandable concepts” and “has very strong analytical skills, he is creative and thinks outside the box”. One client said “He provided testimony at an arbitration in one of my cases and did an excellent job on both direct examination and cross – I would not hesitate to work with him again”.

Two experts from the London office are also profiled:

  • Jas Cheema “is very user friendly, responsive and technically competent” and “has great analytical skills and clear methods of presentation”.
  • Seamus O’Doherty “quickly gets involved in the detail on complex matters”, “is simply great to work with”, “is very proactive and prepares exceptional reports”, “has shown an immense ability to produce detailed reports within challenging timetables” and is “an expert in his field with impressive experience of being a quantum expert on a wide variety of construction projects”.


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