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BRG Among Leading Firms in Who’s Who Legal Arbitration – Expert Witnesses 2021

December 18, 2020

BRG has been listed as a leading firm in Who’s Who Legal’s Arbitration – Expert Witnesses guide, which ranks the foremost experts globally for their work on some of the world’s most significant domestic and international disputes. Fifteen BRG experts have achieved a profile.

“We are very pleased to be ranked in the top-tier of arbitration expert firms”, commented Managing Director Santiago Dellepiane, co-chair of BRG’s Economics and Damages community. “The number of our experts achieving a ranking has increased dramatically since the last edition of this guide, reflecting the strength and continued growth of our practice”.

Two experts are ranked as global elite thought leaders in their field:

  • Managing Director Richard Boulton QC is “a big player, active on the high-value matters”, “in a class of his own” and is described as having “absolutely smashed the opposing expert with his finesse, intelligence and clear thinking”.
  • Santiago Dellepiane is described as “the best in the field”, “the absolute best” and able “to serve his clients’ cases on varied quantum issues”.

Managing Director Anastasia Malyugina is ranked as a future leader who is “excellent in cross-examination and is cool under fire”, “knows her stuff inside out”, “a very bright and stellar communicator with top presentation skills” and “extremely knowledgeable about Russia and CIS markets”, and she “provides very reliable analysis and expert witness reports” and is “an absolute superstar of heavyweight arbitration battles”.

Further experts achieve a profile:

  • BRG Executive Chairman David Teece “has a strong academic output which translates well into his representational work” and is “the head honcho at quantifying damages”.
  • Managing Director Daniela Bambaci “is very pragmatic and is well versed in bilateral investment treaty matters” and “is very versatile, and has the ability to be a valuation expert across different sectors, understanding the nuances of each industry”.
  • Managing Director Andrés Chambouleyron is “extremely thorough in developing his opinion and … was very well grounded in the background and nuances of the case”, able “to simplify and clarify a very complex subject for the arbitration panel” and possesses “diligence and attention to detail and excellent analytical skills”.
  • Christopher Goncalves, a managing director and chair of BRG’s Energy and Climate practice, “is widely known and respected well beyond the US for his expert work”, “provides very impressive oral testimony”, “is an outstanding practitioner” and “is very smart and has a depth and breadth of energy expertise that rivals anyone”.
  • Mustafa Hadi, who leads BRG’s Disputes and International Arbitration practice in Asia–Pacific (APAC) and is co-leader of BRG’s APAC region, “is super responsive and leads a great team”, is “able to understand the complex industry-related issues very quickly and provide a thorough analysis of lost profits”, “is well known in the market and the Hong Kong arbitration community” and “is highly intelligent, a master of his subject and very detail focused”.
  • Managing Director Greg Harman is “easy to deal with and knows the process inside out”, “great at making complex ideas understandable”, “extremely competent and excellent under cross-examination” and “professional, clear, hard-working and articulate”.
  • Managing Director Michael Kenyon “gets into the detail and gives a very balanced view as an expert”, “handles himself well in the witness box, and speakers clearly and concisely” and “skilfully argues a position that is both plausible and supports his client’s position”, and his work is “measured, diligent and logically argued”.
  • Daniel Ryan, a managing director and head of BRG’s London office, is “great at making complex ideas understandable”, “a top-notch expert who is very easy to work with” “easy to deal with” and “independent, and knows the process inside out”.
  • Managing Director Brad Wolf “delivers a well-written report and gets the work done on time”, is able “to communicate clearly and give convincing testimony”, stands out “for his attention to detail, technical expertise and commercial acumen” and impresses with “his performance under cross-examination”.

BRG has over 1,200 professional staff across more than forty offices spanning North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia–Pacific. Forty-eight BRG experts are listed by Who’s Who Legal. In 2020, the firm placed in Band 1 globally in Chambers Litigation Support: Economic Analysts, and fourth in Global Arbitration Review’s Expert Witness Power Index.

BRG Experts

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Executive Chairman

San Francisco Bay Area

Daniela Bambaci

Managing Director

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Managing Director


Christopher Goncalves

Managing Director

Washington, DC

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Managing Director

Hong Kong, Singapore

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Managing Director

London, Johannesburg

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Managing Director

Dubai, UAE

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Managing Director