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BRG Director Shireen Meer Appointed to the Appleseed Foundation Board

June 22, 2021

BRG announced today that Shireen Meer has been appointed to the board of directors of The Appleseed Foundation, a nonprofit public interest research and advocacy organization.

Appleseed is a network of 16 justice centers across the United States and Mexico working together to reduce poverty, combat discrimination and advance the rule of law. Throughout the organization’s history and through its current projects, it has taken on some of the toughest problems faced by communities, developed proposed solutions, worked to get proposed solutions adopted and implemented, and monitored implementation to make sure it produces results. The Foundation’s projects involve working with broad coalitions, researching best practices, issuing reports, participating in regulatory proceedings, bringing lawsuits, managing public education campaigns and meeting with and testifying before governmental decision makers.

“I’m honored to serve on The Appleseed Foundation board,” said Dr. Meer, a testifying expert who specializes in the application of economic analysis to litigation and consulting matters. “It’s gratifying to have the opportunity to work alongside volunteer attorneys, business leaders and community experts for an organization that strives to identify and implement effective solutions that will make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

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