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David Teece Ranked as Top-Cited Scholar Globally in Business and Management

November 24, 2020

Berkeley Research Group announced today that Chairman and Principal Executive Officer David J. Teece has been ranked as the world’s most-cited scholar in the combined field of business and management in an analysis of science-wide author citations published in PLOS Biology, a peer-reviewed journal.

The author database assessed scientists’ career-long impact by counting the number of citations of their work from 1960 through 2019. Starting from a pool of eight million scientists who have published at least five papers in their careers, the article ranked the top 2% of authors across 174 fields.

Dr. Teece, who is also the Thomas W. Tusher Professor in Global Business at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, came in first among more than 36,000 authors publishing in the fields of business and management. The database counted 37,700 citations to his work, excluding self-citations.

Dr. Teece is a renowned economist and thought leader on matters of technology innovation management and policy. He has worked with many tech CEOs on strategy and policy issues, providing counsel around economic, business and financial issues to businesses and governments around the world. He is also an expert in competition policy and intellectual property valuation and damages. His most recent research is on “Big Tech, Big Data and Antitrust.”

Dr. Teece received a doctorate in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and has held teaching and research positions at Stanford University and Oxford University. He has received eight honorary doctorates and authored more than 200 books and articles. According to Google Scholar, which is based on a broader measure of citations, his works have been cited almost 170,000 times.

Dr. Teece has also been an active entrepreneur and business builder and has led two IPOs. He’s often referred to as a “scholar-entrepreneur.”

The PLOS Biology database, “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators,” was created by John Ioannidis of Stanford University, Kevin Boyack of SciTech Strategies and Jeroen Baas of Elsevier Research Intelligence.

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