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Antitrust Writing Awards 2024

April 2024

Concurrences has selected Dr. Rosa M. Abrantes-Metz and Dr. Albert Metz’s article “Antitrust & Regulatory Compliance in the 21st Century: New Challenges, New Opportunities and the Role of AI” (Antitrust Chronicle, September 2023) as the winner in the “Business Articles: Digital” category at the 2024 Antitrust Writing Awards.

The Antitrust Writing Awards’ goal is to promote antitrust scholarship and competition advocacy by recognizing and awarding the best antitrust academic, business, and student articles, as well as soft laws, published in the prior year.

In addition to the winning article, articles by BRG experts were nominated in four other categories:

  • Academic Articles: Intellectual Property
  • Academic Articles: General Antitrust
  • Business Articles: Private Enforcement
  • Business Articles: General Economics

BRG Experts

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Rosa M. Abrantes-Metz

Managing Director

New York

Albert Metz

Managing Director

New York