XXXI La Jolla Energy Conference

La Jolla, California

September 28-29, 2022

Chris Goncalves participated in the conference spotlight session “Natural Gas and LNG [Liquefied Natural Gas]” on September 28. Panelists discussed energy security cornerstones; effects of the war in Europe, volatility, and global market dynamics; and Latin America regional energy integration.

Andrés Chambouleyron participated in the plenary session “Inflation and Economic Headwinds – Understanding the Current Global Economic Outlook” on September 28. Panelists reviewed impacts on energy, food, and policymaking as well as price management and citizen discontent.

On September 29, Dr. Chambouleyron moderated the session “New Technology – Gamechangers or Magic Wands.” Topics included long-duration storage, carbon capture, offshore wind and marine energy, and regulation.

BRG was a sponsor of the event.

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Christopher Goncalves

Managing Director

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Andrés Chambouleyron

Managing Director