This Year in Privacy

Cary, North Carolina, and virtual

October 6, 2022

North Carolina Bar Association Privacy & Data Security Section Program

Amy Worley and Richard Peters discussed practical approaches to developing and implementing an effective corporate data protection program.

Privacy and data security professionals are laboring under a bevy of new laws and regulations that signal an increased government interest in regulating businesses’ collection, use, and disclosure of individuals’ personal information.

In 2023, we will see at least five new, comprehensive state privacy laws go into effect, new breach notification requirements for certain types of businesses, and maybe federal comprehensive privacy legislation. Similarly, in California, employers will face a slew of new obligations to employees that previously were reserved for consumers.

On top of this, international disputes have set off an increase in cybercrime and, consequently, data breaches. Unlike countries with a comprehensive federal law, the United States still has a patchwork of privacy and security laws, making for a dizzying set of obligations for those trying to stay compliant.

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Amy Worley

Managing Director & Associate General Counsel

Washington, DC

Richard Peters

Managing Director