Society for Risk Analysis 2023 Annual Meeting

Washington, DC

December 10-14, 2023

On December 11, Dr. Robin Cantor joined the panel “Communicating Effectively about Attenuated Risks: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?” The panel reviewed the latest research on attenuated risk issues, those risks that experts judge to be serious but receive disproportionately little concern, sociopolitical activity, and/or attention from society. Dominic Balog-Way (Cornell University) moderated the panel, which also featured Katherine McComas, Laura Rickard, Jeff Niederdeppe, Adam Zwickle, and Nick Pidgeon.

On December 13, Dr. Cantor presented “Voluntary ESG Disclosures: An Evolving Economic Risk for Greenwashing Conduct” during the “Risk, Governance, and Accidents” session. She discussed recent trends in greenwashing claims and related economic implications for businesses operating in the US based on her work with Neal Brody and others at BRG.

Learn more about Dr. Cantor and Mr. Brody’s article “More ESG Class Actions Are Coming. Economic Analysis Can Help” in ThinkSet.

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