Patent Infringement Damages: Building Damages Analyses to Last in the Wake of MLC International v. Micron Technology


January 26, 2022

Krishnan Ramadas joined a panel of experts to discuss recent developments and legal issues surrounding patent infringement cases. They discussed the role of patent litigators and economic experts in framing out and filling in a survivable damages analysis, including:

  • An overview of patent infringement damages, including reasonable royalty damages, and the implications of MLC International v. Micron Technology
  • Discussion of the application of MLC in the district courts
  • The roles of counsel and experts in furnishing the materials for a sound damages analysis; and the perils of failing to take and respond to damages discovery
  • The timing of discovery efforts directed to damages
  • The use of summary judgment and motions in limine to weed out unsound damages analyses; and keys to survival when defending against such claims

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