InformaConnect Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 23-25, 2022

On May 24, Aaron Vandervelde and Tess Morgan (Pfizer) discussed “Contract Pharmacies and Their Role within 340B.” The session explored the economics of 340B pricing, impacts of duplicate discount withholdings on supply chain entities, and the future of the 340B contract pharmacy program.

On May 25, Clay Willis and Patrick Coyle (former CFO at Eisai) discussed “Government Program Forecasting: How Proactive Insights and Collaboration Can Help Avoid Unintended Consequences.” The session covered why government programs are an increasing market segment that is demanding the attention of senior leadership and what pharmaceutical manufacturers can do to further enhance their government program forecasting.

Learn more about the hybrid event, which will be delivered in-person from May 23-25 and virtually on June 1-2.

BRG is a proud sponsor of the Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress.

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