Federal Grants Review: The Comprehensive Certificate Course for Agencies and Grantees

Virtual series

June 14-30, 2022

George Mason University and the Public Contracting Institute hosted a virtual six-session comprehensive overview of grants and grants regulations.

Rob McDonald, Mary Karen Wills, and Ryan Byrd led four sessions:

  • “Grant Administration and Management” (June 21)
  • “Costs, Audits, Other Administrative Requirements” (June 23)
  • “Penalties, Grant End, and Bringing Grants into the Real World” (June 28)
  • “Disputes, Remedies, IP, Grant Fraud and Misconduct, Exclusion, etc.” (June 30)

The program included attorneys Scott Sheffler (Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP), Brian Walsh (Wiley), and Jason P. Matechak (Impresa Legal Group). Presenters reviewed grants from both the grantor and recipient points of view, highlighting how grantors can better administer their funds, how recipients can better run their programs, and how this environment is similar to and distinct from the world of traditional procurement contracts.

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