Future Energy Asia Exhibition & Summit

Bangkok, Thailand

May 15-17, 2024

BRG is a proud sponsor of the Future Energy Asia Exhibition & Summit.

On May 16, Christopher Goncalves joined two panels:

  • “Regional LNG – Key Markets Driving Asia-Pacific’s LNG Demand Growth”: Panelists provided insight into the current and future appetites for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in key Asian markets while considering the balance of economic viability, environmental concerns, and energy independence.
  • “The Role of LNG in Asia-Pacific’s Energy Transition”: Panelists reviewed emission reduction strategies in key Asian markets, the potential impact cross-border collaboration and regulation will have on future efforts, and how technology can further accelerate decarbonization in the LNG value chain.

On May 17, Mr. Goncalves and Managing Consultant Seng Leong Tan hosted “Strategic and Commercial Implications of GHG Emissions Intensity for Power Generation.”

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