Supercharging the Financial Engine in Perioperative Services


December 15, 2021

Many health systems today face financial challenges that are well documented and increasingly analyzed to maximize revenue opportunities in surgical services. As the cost of care within surgical services hinges on highly efficient processes, information management and tracking of performance metrics provide opportunities to better utilize data and drive areas of operational improvement.

Robert Boesch (Associate CNO, Centra Health) and BRG’s Bill Orrell and Noreen Hudson hosted this American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) webinar. They discussed leveraging leading-practice key performance indicators (KPIs) and detailed data needed to elevate your organization’s surgical services.

This session covered critical focus areas needed for operational excellence:

  • KPIs: methods and approaches to measure operating room (OR) efficiencies and key performance metrics impacting operating margins.
  • Governance and Organizational Structure: a well-defined, physician-centric and physician-led organizational structure is the cornerstone of any high-functioning perioperative environment.
  • Block Utilization and Schedule Optimization: utilizing data to standardize the approach to block allocation and time management, based on surgeon utilization and performance.

The panelists discussed leading practice strategies to maximize organizational OR time, control expenses, increase revenue, and improve stakeholder satisfaction. This session concluded with a Q&A to discuss specifics on redesigned perioperative services’ operational areas to achieve significant results.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss KPIs needed to improve operations within ambulatory and hospital-based surgical services.
  2. Identify key components of a governing body needed to drive efficient utilization of valuable surgical services resources.
  3. Review strategy examples that improved patient outcomes and increased hospital revenue.

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