CLM 2023 Work Comp, Casualty & Risk Management Conference

Chicago, Illinois

May 17-19, 2023

Robert Glasser presented on “Cocktails and Catastrophes: Grey and Contentious Issues in Preparing a Complex Business Interruption (BI) Claim” on May 19 at the CLM 2023 Work Comp, Casualty & Risk Management Conference.

Presenters looked at examples of actual loss engagement to help identify best practices in managing complex business interruption claims, understand the complexities of a cyber incident, and advise on how to move a grey and contentious claim to a fair settlement. The session covered the importance of pre-loss preparation, accurate BI values, understanding critical extension of coverages, key strategies to get a claim settled timely, and how to cooperatively work through calculation differences with insurance company’s forensic accountants.

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Robert Glasser

Managing Director

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