ACHE 2022 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

Chicago, Illinois

March 28-31, 2022

American College of Healthcare Executives

Joseph Arruda co-presented “The Role of Supply Chain in the Pivot to Consumerism” at the 2022 ACHE Congress on March 30. In this session, Mr. Arruda and Health First’s Jim O’Connor and William Walders discussed how healthcare organizations are constantly optimizing and improving their supply chains as they move toward consumerism.

Session Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced and exposed supply availability challenges across the industry, but equally has presented many internal operational challenges within healthcare organizations. These actions have raised the bar across supply chain logistics, supporting the need for new levels of collaboration and communication between supply chain leaders, distributors, and manufacturers to ensure supply chain integrity and product availability. Healthcare organizations are constantly optimizing and improving their supply chain as they move toward consumerism. Consumerism in healthcare is a movement designed to refine the efficiency and affordability of healthcare services and work to change how people prioritize their personal healthcare. Supply chain disruptions directly impact patient care and satisfaction in all care settings, including hospital, ambulatory and home-based care. These challenges include inefficient and manual processes, product availability/service levels, lack of accurate data and transparency, increased product and service costs, and inability to monitor performance through analytics. The automating and restructuring of the foundational supply chain will increase visibility and flexibility through fast, efficient, responsive purchasing, spend management and logistic processes. Most importantly, these steps will elevate your organization’s supply chain by providing real-time intelligence and actionable data to reduce operational and financial disruption to build a more resilient supply chain.

This session outlined specific action taken by a large health system to develop and implement a future state and leading practice supply chain to support and extend their pivot strategy to consumerism.

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine the steps to supply chain maturation and the impact to improved services and financial results.
  2. Explore how to maintain clean and accurate data in order to provide more transparency and sustain and deliver value through performance metrics.

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