ABA Forum on Construction Law 2023 Fall Meeting

Washington, DC

September 27-29, 2023

Navigating Government Construction: Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of It

On September 28, Rob McDonald, along with Tamara McNulty (Potomac Law Group), provided an overview of federal contracting topics that will be of interest to design professionals and design firms, including contracts vs. grants/cooperative agreements, FAR Part 36 (Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts), professional services defined, recent updates on the Davis Bacon Act, the IIJA, and FAR Part 52.3, solicitation provisions and contract clause matrix.

Also on September 28, Pasha Ameli took part in a discussion on the fundamentals and evolution of artificial intelligence (AI); and potential risks companies face due to AI’s widespread use, along with ways to mitigate those risks. The program provided an overview on how AI is being used by construction companies and law firms and a demonstration of AI technologies used in litigation and arbitration.

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Washington, DC

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Washington, DC