Case Study

Modernizing a Health System’s Environmental Services (EVS) Operations

March 20, 2024

Community Medical Centers (CMC) in Fresno, California, is a regional hospital and trauma center in Central California that includes five facilities ranging in size from 140 to 700 beds.

CMC’s executive team recognized the need to improve its environmental services (EVS) operations after a Joint Commission’s Quality and Safety review triggered a call for a reinspection. To help address this concern, CMC hired its first system EVS director, Christa Atchley. She had worked at and was familiar with CMC but did not have a background managing EVS. She was tasked with improving coordination of all environmental services across CMC’s five facilities and managing the center’s EVS operations.

Mrs. Atchley recognized the need to bring in consultants and requested an external audit of CMC’s EVS operations. The medical center’s leaders agreed and selected BRG to conduct an assessment to:

  • evaluate and benchmark EVS department and practices
  • construct a solutions roadmap on how to address areas of concern or risk the audit had identified
  • develop a tailored training program for the existing workforce and onboarding new hires

BRG conducted the audit and detailed the findings in writing to Mrs. Atchley, with a recommendation to standardize and systemize key operations to help the center achieve greater efficiency and improve future inspection scores.

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