Case Study

BRG Obtained and Assessed Transactions for AML Risks in Connection with Acquisition of Latin American Retail Bank and MSB

January 1, 2018

BRG professionals obtained and assessed millions of transactions occurring in a six-month period for AML risks in connection with the acquisition of a Latin American target (retail bank and money services business) by a top-ten Fortune 500 company and a joint venture partner. BRG professionals conducted approximately ninety AML risk assessments involving individual customer and account data, recreated local cash and family remittance reporting requirements to assess cash reporting, risk-ranked customer accounts and branches, provided detailed assessments of potentially high-risk accounts and branches, performed geographical sanctions reviews, prepared a database to facilitate a post-closing review, and provided a written report summarizing the findings.

Note that some engagements may have taken place prior to the expert(s) joining BRG.

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