BRG VerIQ provides competitive compliance to companies selling to healthcare providers, equipping them with the insights they need to identify new markets, monitor competitor behavior, and assess risk.

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BRG VerIQTM is a cloud-based data platform that provides competitive intelligence through a compliance lens that allows you to:

  • Assess and manage risk across provider specialties and geographies
  • Derive actionable intelligence on providers and competitors
  • Identify low-risk, high-reward opportunities to increase market penetration

BRG VerIQTM was created by people working in their element: this is where BRG thrives. Our professionals are driven by data and informed by experience. We combine advanced data analysis with extensive healthcare-sector experience, transforming information into insights and insights into action. We help you make sense of the current market environment and take full advantage of the opportunities ahead.

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Expertise and Data as Differentiators

BRG VerIQTM incorporates service-location-level payment data from multiple federal healthcare programs (FHCP), including Medicare and Medicaid.

Currently, BRG VerIQTM aggregates data from the following sources, with more in the pipeline:

  • Medicaid payments
  • Medicare payments
  • CMS Open Payments
  • State provider licensure data
  • Federal exclusions lists (OIG, FDA, and SAM)


Provider Intelligence

Provider Intelligence


Business-to-business interactions with healthcare providers that accept payments from federal healthcare programs create risks for device manufacturers and distributors.

It is not enough to know which providers are enrolled in federal healthcare programs. Manufacturers and distributors need to know which providers are actually receiving payments on claims submitted to FHCPs.

BRG VerIQTM is a comprehensive data solution that identifies which providers are accepting payments from FHCPs.

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Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence


Sales executives at device manufacturers and distributors are tasked with selling more products and growing market share. This often involves identifying new markets and assessing competitors, while being mindful of risks associated with those opportunities. Current solutions offer only part of this picture.

BRG VerIQTM provides a complete strategic view of the market landscape—coupled with indicators of risk—that allows for informed decision making.

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