Intellectual Property

Our experts apply rigorous and sophisticated economic, financial, and technical analysis and draw upon our deep academic and industry experience to examine economic harm or damage issues for law firms and their clients. 

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Berkeley Research Group experts’ experience in litigation covers a wide range of intellectual disputes, including allegations of patent, copyright, trademark infringement, and theft of trade secrets. They regularly testify on damages, injunctions, irreparable harm, and commercial success. They also deal with the IP aspects of tax and international trade disputes, as well as breaches of contract and technology agreements.

Our experts apply rigorous and sophisticated economic, financial, and technical analysis and draw upon deep academic and industry experience to examine economic harm or damage issues. They have worked on some of the world’s largest patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and copyright infringement cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. They have special experience and expertise in issues raised when patents must be practiced to comply with technical standards and on matters involving IP and antitrust.

What We Do

Our experts advise on all stages of litigation, including the development of quantitative financial models related to lost profit and reasonable royalty damages, prejudgment interest, and competitive aspects of relevant markets. They regularly deliver testimony on these issues in federal and state courts, before the International Trade commission and the Federal Trade Commission, and before domestic and international arbitration panels. 

Our services include:

  • Asset management and valuation
  • Assessment of economic harm or damages from infringement or misappropriation
  • Evaluation of economic factors related to injunctions
  • Development of strategic licensing programs and market intelligence
  • Definition of relevant IP and antitrust markets
  • Misuse and antitrust claims related to IP
  • Price erosion and suppression claims
  • Royalty audits and compliance
  • Transfer pricing
  • U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) Section 337 matters
    • Public interest
    • Remedies
    • Determination of bond amounts
    • Domestic industry
  • Royalties and economic impact of RAND and FRAND commitments
  • Evaluation of commercial success
  • Economic significance of Hatch-Waxman settlements
  • Irreparable harm analyses

Who We Are

BRG professionals have experience across a range of industries and have deep knowledge of economic, financial, and technical analysis. Our team includes former senior transaction, IP, and business development executives from major companies; economists; attorneys; CPAs; former partners at Big Four accounting firms; valuation experts; and experts in financial management and operations across many industries.

Our professionals have worked on some of the largest patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, trademark, transaction dispute, and restructuring cases in U.S. courts and abroad, in federal regulatory matters, and in arbitration proceedings. They have worked on matters including claims of irreparable harm, taxation disputes, regulatory compliance challenges, and international trade issues. BRG experts have led the licensing of patents and other technologies throughout the world, managed major patent and IP litigation, created IP–focused companies, and contributed to major financial transactions involving intellectual property. A number of BRG experts have been recognized as top experts in the world by organizations such as the Intellectual Property Owners Association, IAM and the Licensing Executives Society.

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