About BRG

BRG Institute

Advancing knowledge in policy and management.

Research, publication, and public engagement

BRG Institute was founded by Berkeley Research Group as an independent nonprofit corporation to advance knowledge on policy and management through research, publication, and public engagement.

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Associates Program

The BRG Institute Associates Program enables professionals to develop and implement, under the guidance of a senior advisor, a research paper, or a pro bono consulting project addressing a business, management, or policy issue aligned with the mission of BRG Institute.

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Big Tech, Dynamic Competition, and Antitrust Project

This project’s mission is to champion markets and the private enterprise system by articulating the importance of innovation to prosperity. All activities will aim to build a community of scholars, policymakers, and senior leaders and managers, in order to advance greater understanding and application of the project topics.

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Global Innovation and National Interests Project

A new world order is taking shape. The Global Innovation and National Interests project has two major purposes:

  • Illuminating the national economic and security roles of increasingly global public and private science and technology (S&T) enterprises.
  • Proposing new directions/approaches for governments, companies, and universities that reflect (or take advantage of) the new reality of globally dispersed S&E knowledge networks and innovation.

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