Artificial Intelligence Remains at the Center of White House’s Focus

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Secures Voluntary Commitments from Leading Artificial Intelligence Companies to Manage the Risks Posed by AI

Regulations to Govern AI Usage

The Biden-Harris administration has secured voluntary commitments from seven leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies to address major risks posed by AI. The commitments aim to ensure AI products are thoroughly tested before public release, built with security as the highest priority, and trusted by the public. The growth of AI has had a profound impact on virtually every industry in the United States; for example, healthcare companies have used it to develop new drugs and personalized treatments for patients, financial institutions have used it to detect fraud and boost customer service, and retailers have used it to anticipate consumer demand and prevent stock shortages.

Recent cases have highlighted the urgent need for regulation in a variety of industries. Instances of AI generating false legal references, self-driving cars malfunctioning in accidents, and AI replicating actor and actresses’ likenesses without further compensation have underscored the necessity for clear guidelines and regulatory oversight.

To address these concerns, regulations are being introduced to govern AI usage. In 2022, the State of New York passed a law requiring an annual audit of AI employment decision tools and the publication of the results. Additionally, the White House previously announced that the Office of Management and Budget will release draft guidance for federal departments and agencies to follow regarding the US government’s use of AI systems.

As evidenced by the White House’s recent announcements, AI regulations and policies are gaining momentum at the federal level. Government contractors should be on the lookout for potential future regulations in this area, as they will likely face increased scrutiny to ensure any AI solutions developed undergo rigorous testing and prioritize security, safety, and privacy to comply with emerging regulatory requirements.

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