Companies face an increasing challenge to maintain a fully engaged and healthy workforce in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. Research has documented the increasing demands placed on workers and leaders:

  • More than 95 percent of employees report experiencing high or constant stress in the workplace
  • Work overload is a source of stress 41 percent of the time, and dealing with “people issues” in the workplace accounts for an additional 32 percent
  • Over 117 million adults have at least one chronic condition
  • Approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day
  • The cost of turnover is estimated to be as much as 400 percent of an executive’s annual salary

“Burnout” describes the emotional and physical exhaustion people may experience as a direct result of excessive work and personal stress. It is growing exponentially and often encompasses the leader’s professional and personal existence; it is not constrained by the boundaries of an organization. It may cause significant physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage. The graph illustrates the progressive toll burnout can take on both organizational performance and personal satisfaction.

Recognizing the toll that burnout may cause, BRG professionals have crafted the Sustained Peak Performance (SPP) program. This program addresses the wellbeing of each participating senior leader and professional,  promotes a thriving culture across all industries, and is particularly applicable to clinicians (nurses/physicians) in the healthcare industry. Clients are provided a customized and structured approach to resolving high-stress/burnout environments, keeping top of mind the unique cultures and different operating regions of the world (e.g., Asia, Europe, and North America).

The SPP program utilizes a holistic systems and team approach, incorporating organizational and lifestyle coaching. The program empowers senior leaders and professionals to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and practices that provide a foundation from which participants can sustain high levels of productivity, wellbeing, and positive health. The accompanying pyramid shows the comprehensive elements of SPP.

SPP Program Vision and Goals

  • Evolve culture from “survive” to “thrive,” developing the organization’s capabilities to effectively manage energy to maximize performance and quality decision making
  • Address both professional and personal wellbeing, leaving enough “gas in the tank” to meet organizational, family, and individual goals
  • Provide a development program that strategically enhances senior professional attraction, development, and retention while mitigating burnout
  • Develop a customized but consistent approach to solving burnout, keeping in mind the unique cultures and different global operating regions of an organization

The SPP program is derived directly from the Dynamic Capabilities framework, a concept introduced into the management literature by BRG cofounder and CEO David Teece. Dr. Teece and his colleagues propose that organizations must utilize a dialectic process of continuously recognizing opportunities and forming hypotheses to generate value (Sensing), capitalizing on these opportunities by reallocating resources and efforts to capture value (Seizing), and transforming through continuous renewal and/or strategic shifts (Shifting). The SPP program incorporates Dynamic Capabilities as its theoretical underpinning for helping senior leaders and professionals.

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