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BRG’s Global Healthcare team has comprehensive experience in all areas of healthcare systems, and is focused on transforming the value of healthcare provided by our clients worldwide.

Our expert leaders have a long history of improving operational margins while protecting or enhancing the quality of healthcare. Our work encompasses the entire healthcare economy, with a specific focus on applying deep analytical expertise and clinical redesign methodologies as a lens to understanding the available opportunities.

BRG consultants have extensive experience in all areas of hospital operations and performance improvement. Our innovative clinical approach to improvement, as well as our focus on implementable benefit, drives an increased level of performance for our clients.

Transformation Change Programme

A key challenge facing hospitals today is delivering substantial cost reductions whilst maintaining or improving the quality of the healthcare provided. This challenge often requires a reevaluation of existing services, pathways, and care models. Utilising our innovative Sense, Seize, and Transform framework, the BRG team can quickly identify opportunities to improve margins, enhance quality, engage stakeholders, and drive sustainable transformation.

Our team doesn’t just analyse a health system with an intention of writing a report that is handed over for client personnel to implement. We leverage our expertise in operations to advise in the transformation through on-the ground support, including programme management, data analytics, coaching, and facilitating. This process serves to highlight areas of opportunity for tangible cost and quality improvement while engaging key stakeholders and driving a shared agenda for change.


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