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Employee Monitoring Could Make Businesses More Profitable—And Employees More Satisfied

Andres Alva

July 25, 2019

How the construction and life sciences industries contemplate the use of Bluetooth technology to battle rising costs and performance delays

The construction business has a crisis on its hands, beset by soaring costs and projects that almost always take longer than expected. Just ask the leader of the largest construction company in the US.

“Our house is on fire,” said Brendan Bechtel, CEO of the company that bears his surname, at an industry conference in 2016. “If we don’t address the problem, we may cease to exist as an industry and … customers will cease to have confidence that we can deliver.”

Ninety-eight percent of construction projects were experiencing cost overruns or delays, Bechtel said, citing data his firm had collected. The average cost increase was 80 percent, while the average schedule delay for large projects was 20 months.

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