Where Do We Go from Here?


April 24, 2020

Planning a return to the new normal while juggling compliance, security, and productivity as the world begins to open up

Hackers and regulatory enforcement/oversight have not let up during a disrupted world of lockdowns, social distancing, and a new normal of remote work. In fact, with very limited exceptions, they seem to have significantly increased:

  • Phishing scams are up on average 600% to 900%, depending on which data source you look at.
  • Some enforcement agencies have announced delays in or a refrain from enforcement, but others are saying that they will proceed as planned (stating companies have had enough time to comply).
  • Video conferencing platforms are facing criticism over a mix of misrepresented security posture, limited controls, and misconfigurations.

Putting aside frustration, fear, uncertainty, and doubt, there are opportunities to think differently, find new norms for processes and controls, and move toward quick, impactful, and accessible training education of employees.

Come join four experienced corporate leaders/practitioners who have bridged the consulting gap. They turned the negativity into positivity and discussed simple paths forward for companies to find their security–compliance–productivity balance point and thrive within and beyond COVID-19.

We covered:

  • The landscape: Setting the stage for where the world is at right now.
  • Picking our battles: What truly matters during this time period?
  • Breaking through the white noise: How do practitioners stay relevant and impactful?
  • Tools to accelerate progress: What simple tools and techniques can you use to maintain the right foothold of privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance through these tough times?

John Auerbach and Amy Worley took part, along with Joseph A. Dickinson (attorney, Smith Anderson) and Aaron Pritz (CEO, principal consultant, cofounder, RevealRisk).

Listen to the event recording. Recording password is BRGwebinar2020.

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