Artificial Intelligence and Ethics


May 4 and 11, 2021

On May 4, Rich Finkelman and Laura Dorman co-led the first of a two-part series on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethics: What Corporate Counsel Need to Know.” The presentation covered basic knowledge about AI. Topics included:

  • Current attempts to develop an ethics code for AI usage
  • The importance of ensuring ethical issues are considered in using AI
  • Considerations for how organizations can ensure ethical considerations are addressed
  • The future of AI and ethics

On May 11, Mr. Finkelman and Ms. Dorman joined panelists for part two of the series, “Implementing Artificial Intelligence into Corporate Legal Functions.” Panelists explored:

  • Challenges and ethical considerations that confront corporate counsel when addressing the use of AI
  • Issues of concern confronting litigators, human resources, and compliance and privacy attorneys and others
  • How courts are responding to ethical issues raised by AI
  • How trends impacting higher education and masters’ programs for lawyers are changing to meet these new challenges

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The Association of Corporate Counsel hosted the webinars.

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Richard Finkelman

Managing Director

Washington, DC

Laura Dorman

Managing Director & Associate General Counsel

San Francisco Bay Area