Organizations must proactively transform their service-line models to incorporate the ambulatory, payer, and physician markets and not be overly hospital-centric.

We will assess your service lines to determine if your system has the right mix of services for your market. Once the targeted service lines are identified, we will build the infrastructure to map the correct DRG/APC/CPT algorithms, build robust report cards, and ensure that the necessary organizational structure is in place.

Portfolio optimization is forward looking and directly ties to your strategic planning process.

In the face of declining reimbursement and transitioning from a volume-based to a value-based model, health systems will have to evaluate non-core assets and services and optimize core assets and services. BRG has developed best-in-class tools and measurements that will evaluate your non-core assets and services, such as post-acute services, elective surgery procedures, real estate, and air ambulance programs.

Through this process, we advise on identifying opportunities for divestiture, alternative strategies with third parties, or joint ventures. We also look at capital asset management and asset life-cycle management.


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