Accurate clinical documentation and complete medical coding are vital to ensure that organizations provide the right patient care and follow up, fully capture severity of illness and quality of care delivered, and secure appropriate compliant reimbursement. Many providers struggle to document the rigorous levels of medical data needed to be successful under emerging risk-based payment models, especially for high-volume outpatient services.

BRG’s Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) consultants help hospitals improve the documentation of care rendered to ensure appropriate compliant reimbursement and accurate quality profiles. Our team has extensive backgrounds in nursing, documentation, coding, and quality and experience in all care settings, including pediatrics and post-acute care. BRG’s CDI services can be applied across the entire care continuum and include proven methods to improve both inpatient and outpatient documentation.

Our approach blends education, one-on-one mentoring and training, process improvement, active physician engagement, and robust data analytics and dashboards to create sustainable high-performing CDI programs. We help providers integrate CDI, coding, and quality functions across the enterprise, breaking down siloes to streamline workflows and maximize results. And because we are tool-agnostic, we offer experience with all of the industry-leading CDI data tools to help our clients get the most out of the one that is the best fit for their organization.

Our industry knowledge is broad and deep.

BRG combines intellectual rigor with practical, real-world experience. We have an in-depth understanding of industries and markets, with expertise spanning the major sectors of the global economy. Following are some of the many sectors that we know inside and out.