A superior command of data drives superior results.

Arming clients with the tools to enable learning, create knowledge, and solve problems, BRG’s Global Applied Technology team combines data, technology, and expertise to unlock new value for organizations and provide the tools to enable learning, create knowledge, and solve problems.

The GAT practice is industry agnostic, but our professionals have deep experience working with clients across a full range of industries and geographies. Our expertise is in building solutions for the specific needs of each client, its use case, and its users. To do this quickly with the most advanced options, GAT professionals develop and support BRG’s technology platform offerings and associated services.

To solve a problem in today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical to make sense of vast amounts of information. A superior command of data drives superior results.

BRG DRIVE™ is BRG’s Analytics as a Service platform, built to help clients and consulting teams create and sustain results. DRIVE provides clients with an innovative, multifaceted platform that integrates technology and people to identify and solve problems. Leveraging dashboards, scorecards, and custom analytics from any data source allows BRG and its clients to derive actionable insights and collaborate instantly.

In addition to its core analytic and insight functionality, DRIVE contains a robust application set that can be used to collect data, manage workflows, monitor an organization’s key metrics, and store curated qualitative information, among other functions. Applications are interwoven to seamlessly and easily help clients identify their most important opportunities to propel informed business decisions.

Whether by analyzing data through advanced visualization, collaborating via the BRG InsightsTM application, or creating and performing surveys via BRG Pulse, BRG professionals and clients apply their best thinking to challenges.

Flexible and bespoke.

The DRIVE platform is custom built for each client. We do not deploy standard software solutions, but co-create with key stakeholders.

The DRIVE platform has the flexibility to serve any number of users and business units by providing a standard, easy-to-use platform. Because each client’s needs are unique, so is every DRIVE deployment, ensuring solutions are tailor-made.

One source of truth.

By utilizing customized, centralized data warehouses, the platform represents one source of truth. Integrating any number of disparate software reporting systems, DRIVE eliminates confusion resulting from different versions of the same metric.

Highly secure.

DRIVE sits on an elastic architecture that can be hosted anywhere: on site, in a BRG data center, or in a private hardened cloud. No matter the security or resource requirements, BRG can deploy the DRIVE platform on any architecture in any geography for maximum required data protection.

Light information technology footprint.

As an Analytics as a Service model, the only software required is a web browser.

Easy to use.

DRIVE applications are intuitive to use with minimal training. The look and feel of DRIVE analytics are generally the same, allowing for users to maximize the utility of any module.

We have experience working with clients across a full range of industries and locations. Areas in which we have significant expertise include:

  • Healthcare
  • Investigations
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Energy

BRG Analytics

Immediate value from a single source of unparalleled analysis and visualization.

The BRG Analytics application is the heart of the DRIVE platform. Dynamic, investigative, and focused on areas that matter most to your organization, the application provides a central source of truth for all stakeholders. Although BRG professionals can create powerful visualizations targeted to any industry and business problem, the Analytics Hub can leverage existing visualizations and the unique skillset of a client’s analysts. Whether the dashboards were built by your organization, third-party vendors, or BRG, DRIVE can host visualizations made in nearly any software. BRG’s Analytics app is software agnostic, allowing you to operationalize the most useful tools with fully integrated services in a single location.

BRG Insights

Turning information into insights through the application of expertise.

BRG Insights™ is focused on transforming information into action through observation and collaboration that only people can provide. If the Analytics hub is the heart of DRIVE, Insights is the mind. DRIVE users can seamlessly interact with their data/content and people—organizational stakeholders or BRG professionals—to quickly answer questions and bring the data contained within DRIVE to life.

BRG Pulse

While analytics are vital to decision-making and results in any organization, data must first be available to analyze. The BRG Pulse application allows your organization to collect meaningful data quickly and efficiently using the DRIVE platform. By leveraging DRIVE’s integrated environment, results from Pulse can be paired with automated or custom Analytics and Insights to enrich your understanding of issues and opportunities.

BRG Alerts

DRIVE provides a robust investigation platform to help clients and experts quickly and easily create insights from underlying data. BRG also recognizes that certain key metrics must be constantly monitored, and senior leadership may not have the time to reference and investigate analytics.

The BRG Alerts application provides the capability to set up a monitoring engine that watches underlying data to determine whether a specific threshold has been triggered. Alerts can be “pushed” to users in the organization, but each user can also personalize their own alerts (if permitted) to maximize customization and focus at different levels of the organization.


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