BRG Healthcare Leadership Conference 2021

Washington, DC

December 16-17, 2021

BRG celebrated the fifth anniversary of its flagship Healthcare Leadership Conference (HLC) in 2020. The HLC has provided leaders from healthcare, finance, and policy relevant insights on top-of-mind issues most critical to their business. The HLC has delivered content that is insightful, executable, and compelling with a fresh perspective from high-profile speakers and BRG experts from across the industry. Combined with BRG’s integrated group of diverse professionals and experts responsible for laying the groundwork for the conference, the HLC has received high accolades from attendees each year and is a must-attend event.

The HLC is designed for senior executives from healthcare organizations, financial institutions, private equity firms, and law firms, as well as policy experts. It offers a unique forum for healthcare leaders to discuss the most pressing issues facing the industry.

This year’s HLC delivered:

  • Out-of-the-box approaches for challenges and opportunities
  • New strategies for developing ideal partnerships
  • The best thinking of how to advance quality and efficiency of care
  • Fresh perspectives on your most important priorities

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