2024 Antitrust and Competition Conference

Chicago, Illinois

April 18-19, 2024

Antitrust, Regulation, and the Diffusion of Innovation

Ron Schnell will take part in a case study session on April 18 at the University of Chicago Booth School’s 2024 Antitrust and Competition Conference, also known as The Stigler Conference.

Panelists will evaluate litigation against Microsoft that served as a hallmark of United States antitrust enforcement in high-technology markets. Mr. Schnell, who was the chief executive of the monitoring organization responsible for auditing and enforcing Microsoft’s compliance with the consent decree in United States v. Microsoft Corporation and New York et al. v. Microsoft Corporation, will provide an expert’s view while presenting with Gary Reback (Carr & Ferrell LLP) and Robert Topel (University of Chicago). Rana Foroohar (Financial Times) will moderate the session.

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