BRG’s Clinical Economics practice’s approach to population health strategy and management begins with understanding the client’s goals and the population the client serves or the population at greatest need. Our data analytics capabilities stratify the population based on utilization patterns; population profile based on demographic, clinical, and utilization variables; and socioeconomic needs.

Once the population has been identified, our experts use financial models to lay out staffing strategies, payment-based strategies such as risk-based sharing arrangements, alternative payment models, and incentives for a comprehensive population health program. Intervention strategies and positioning of resources are crucial in any population health program—understanding the point in the continuum of care in which individuals need help, geographic locations to identify staffing and geographic disparities of care, and the most cost-effective setting for care. We advise clients in understanding how to leverage existing programs and coordinate with other resources in the community, and how to utilize care management across all settings, from the acute to the community.

  • Data analytics
    • Stratify based on utilization patterns
    • Profile based on demographic, clinical, utilization variables
  • Financial model: Risk-based, population, incentives
  • Intervention strategies and positioning of resources
    • Point in the continuum of care
    • Geographic location
    • Most cost-effective setting
    • Coordinated with other resources
  • Care management and ongoing monitoring
    • Across settings

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