John Blair specializes in information technology, financial services, intellectual property, and antitrust matters.

His practice and research interests focus on the intersection between IT innovation and business strategy and analysis.

Before joining BRG, Mr. Blair was a consultant and director for LECG. In 1999, he co-founded Kenamea, an infrastructure software company at which he was chairman and chief technology officer. Kenamea was the pioneer company that opened the commercial use of event-driven Web communications to transform user experience and productivity, now standardized as Web 2.0.

He previously served as a partner at Regis McKenna, Inc. and at Booz Allen and Hamilton in their information technology practice groups. Additionally, he has been a consultant and strategic advisor to government agencies and executive management at some of the world’s largest technology firms, including IBM, Apple, Adobe, and Oracle.

Before coming to the US, Mr. Blair co-founded Hypertec Pty Ltd., one of Australia’s most successful computer product design and manufacturing firms, and led the engineering team that developed and brought to market the Dulmont Magnum, the world’s first 16-bit laptop computer.

Employment History

2004 – 2009

Chairman, Board of Advisors
2002 – 2004
1999 – 2002

Helicon Consulting
1996 – 1999

The McKenna Group
1992 – 1996

Booz Allen Hamilton
Senior associate, Engineering and Manufacturing Group
1989 – 1992

Hypertec Pty Ltd.
Founder, vice president, Research and Development
1980 – 1987

Areas of Expertise


Stanford University

University of New South Wales
BS, Electrical Engineering (magna cum laude)

Australian National University