Angel Orfano is an expert in accounting and administrative processes, and in the tax and labor laws of Latin American countries, mainly Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

An associate director in BRG’s Forensic Accounting practice based in Argentina, he also has experience in areas of support, team management, and crisis management. For several years, he provided accounting support to the juridical area in the Ministry of Economy of the Argentine Republic, where he obtained knowledge of various aspects and operations of public organizations.

Relevant Experience

  • Accounting Departments: For more than ten years, Mr. Orfano was responsible for the direction of the accounting department of an international consulting company in its Buenos Aires office. He also led the transition of the department in Mexico and Brazil, taking simultaneous responsibility of both offices.
  • Justice Accountant: Mr. Orfano worked as an expert justice accountant for more than ten years in the labor and commercial jurisdiction, having in his charge the professional opinion of different legal controversies.
  • Audit and Forensic Accounting: Mr. Orfano has contributed to accounting audits and participated in forensic accounting investigations. His forensic and financial investigation engagements have included examinations of acquisition accounting, accounting irregularities and financial misreporting, purchasing and inventory diverting schemes, fraud and embezzlement, vendor kickback schemes, banking industry issues, and compliance issues.
  • Corporate Restructuring: Mr. Orfano has designed administrative rules and procedures for situations both in the initial stage of companies and in restructured businesses.
  • Implementation of Accounting and Management Systems: Mr. Orfano led the implementation of an accounting and management system used in multiple countries by a global provider of risk solutions.

Employment History

Kroll Inc.
Financial controller & collaborator in cases of forensic accounting and financial investigations
2000 – 2016

National Judiciary Power
Expert accountant of justice (labor and commercial jurisdiction
2000 – 2010

Ministry of Economy of the Argentine Republic
Legal accounting analyst
1998 – 2000

Professional Affiliations

Buenos Aires City´s Professional Association of Economic Sciences
Registered, 2000 – present
Internal Audit Studies and Corporate Governance Commission, 2017 – present
Anti-corruption Commission, 2017 – present
Expert Accountant of Justice, 2000 – 2010

Areas of Expertise


Buenos Aires University
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1999

Military Lyceum General San Martín
Undergraduate degree with finance orientation, 1992