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Diversity on Corporate and Nonprofit Boards Is Improving. Here’s What Else Can Be Done

March 16, 2022

BRG’s Tom O’Neil and Doneene Damon, president of law firm Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A., discuss how diversity is being implemented on boards across the country, and why it can’t come soon enough.

Diversity is improving within boardrooms. The number of directors from non-white ethnic groups on companies in the Russell 3000 stock index jumped by nearly 50 percent over the last two years. But in total, underrepresented groups still occupy just 17 percent of board seats, and women account for only 27 percent of directors.

To talk about this evolving issue, we sat down with BRG Managing Director Tom O’Neil and Doneene Damon, the first woman and first African American to lead a major Delaware law firm. Over the past thirty years, Damon has sat on numerous nonprofit and private boards; she currently serves as a director for two private companies. O’Neil has worked extensively in the private and public sectors and has held leadership roles in boardrooms and C-suites of several companies.

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