Publication | ThinkSet, issue 1

Choosing Sides in Latin America

Frank Holder

Summer 2017

As lines are being drawn, do you know what side you’re on?

While Europe’s economic and political future hangs in the balance, another tug of war is roiling Latin America with the same mixture of populism, distrust of government and East/West competition for influence.

From Mexico south, there about 625 million people—larger than the European Union and the sum total of the US and Canada, but kaleidoscopic in its regional differences and circumstances.

In Venezuela, the socialist years of Hugo Chavez and dissipating oil wealth have given way to a government and judiciary in disarray. Riots have been the response to hyperinflation and consumer shortages of all kinds. Criticism from the international community and sanctions from the US have done little to convince officials to undertake meaningful reforms.

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