CBA Virtual Classroom: Fintech


April 20, 2021

Virtual Correspondent Banking Academy

Over $254 billion was invested globally into at least eighteen thousand fintech startups through venture capital funds in the past few years. Walter Mix took part in a virtual classroom session to discuss the future of banking as the rise of fintechs continues.

The event focused on:

  • Fintech business models: what is a ‘fintech’?
  • Regulatory and compliance considerations for fintechs
  • Partnerships with financial institutions
  • Various payment types employed by fintechs, such as use of cryptocurrencies
  • Lessons learned and trends we are seeing, in particular from Silicon Valley
  • Key risk management requirements and advice for growing fintechs
  • Fraud and potential pitfalls

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Walter J. Mix III

Managing Director

Los Angeles, Downtown, New York