An efficient and streamlined physician enterprise is key to success as health services shift to the ambulatory domain. But common challenges continue to hinder provider and group performance across all types of organizations, creating significant downstream impacts on financial performance and quality of care.

BRG’s Physician Enterprise Solutions team helps organizations implement tailored, sustainable solutions to optimize physician practice management. Our consultants, including several licensed physicians, average more than ten years of experience in physician practice management and clinical operations. We leverage our experience working with hospitals and health systems, physicians, and advanced practice providers across the country to improve patient access to care, boost revenues, reduce costs, and foster performance across all aspects of the physician enterprise. Key focus areas include:

  • Patient access, scheduling, and referral management
  • Revenue enhancement and physician revenue-cycle optimization
  • Expense reduction and cost management
  • Support-staff levels and roles
  • Care team models, processes, and workflows
  • Alignment of contracts and service agreements to health system goals
  • Medicare Advantage/value-based care and quality
  • Physician governance

We bring proven best practices and standards, frontline experience, and robust data analytics to identify root causes of issues and implement solutions tailored to each client organization. Physician engagement and collaboration are central to our approach, ensuring we embed accountability and sustainability into the solutions to position organizations for long-term success.


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Laura Jacquin, RN

Managing Director

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