In increasingly dynamic and complex global energy markets, companies need to process vast amounts of data, as well as news about governmental policies and market developments, in a coherent manner to understand their implications and stay ahead of the competition. The critical challenge is to anticipate the future and not become lost in the weeds of complex, inconsistent, and often opaque data and policy information.

BRG Energy & Climate professionals have industry-leading expertise in the analysis and forecasting of electricity, natural gas, and LNG supply, demand, markets, and pricing throughout North America and worldwide. We provide this analysis directly to our clients through bespoke engagements in the areas of strategic, commercial, financial, and project development advisory services.

We also deliver our market analysis and forecasting to clients via cloud-enabled products, such as LNG Wayfinder and LNG Horizon.

Proprietary Tools

  • LNG Market and Price Analysis on the Cloud
    • LNG Wayfinder (historical analysis)
    • LNG Horizon (long-term forecasts)
  • LNG Horizon Forecast Model: Our global gas model provides a rigorous, integrated forecast of global gas and LNG markets. It is a non-linear economic optimization model that projects global supply, demand, trade, and prices of natural gas and LNG; and solves for equilibrium, market-clearing prices, and volumes for every hub and time point throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and worldwide.
  • Flexibility Valuation Model (FVM): FVM provides a realistic view of the real-option value of contracts and portfolio flexibility. FVM quantifies the value of destination and/or flexibility in LNG contracts and portfolios based on projected equilibrium price expectations and the expected volatility of those prices. It simulates a trading strategy for short-term trade to optimize the value available from equilibrium prices and their volatility—for sales to the most profitable markets and/or for procurement of supplies from the most economic sources.


  • Energy market and price analysis
  • Energy market and price forecasting
  • Energy supply chain analysis
  • Energy competitive analysis


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