BRG’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Telecommunications Class Actions practice provides comprehensive technical consulting services to industries facing litigation and disputes involving Big Data. Our professionals assist industries facing TCPA and other related class action matters, and analyze complex databases that contain evidence relating to subject calls, faxes, and texts.

Who We Are

BRG’s multidisciplinary team includes database administrators, coders, computer forensic experts, CPAs, former Big Four partners, lawyers and compliance professionals, former IT directors and CIOs, and computer science, data security, and privacy experts. They have a deep understanding of software, coding, database administration, economics, finance, statistics, investigations, and regulatory compliance for multinational corporations in a variety of industries.

What We Do

BRG experts help clients understand the nature of data, its limitations, and how it can be appropriately segmented and categorized in the context of class action certification and damages calculations. They provide the following services:

  • Database Collection, Testing, and Analysis
    • Dialer databases
    • Fax logs
    • Text logs
    • Lead lists
    • Class-certification analysis
  • Do Not Call List Analysis
  • Expert Witness
    • Database structure, reliability, and content
    • Damages calculations

Data-Related Services

Data Identification

Our professionals work with litigants and IT departments to understand the nature of a dispute or inquiry and identify sources of relevant data, including archived data and reporting systems.

Data Collection

BRG professionals collect relevant data from file servers, databases, electronic storage devices, cloud-based services, and other locations in a forensically sound manner. We have technology labs throughout the United States in order to efficiently store and host collected data.

Analysis and Findings

Our professionals perform analysis in a secure environment with cutting-edge data visualization software and statistical techniques capable of analyzing billions of records and tens of terabytes of data. They produce clear, compelling, and defensible findings to clients, courts, and other parties.

Class-Certification Services

BRG professionals examine issues associated with potential conflicts among proposed class members and claimed impact and damages, and whether proposed class members are “similarly situated.” They regularly examine highly detailed data sets reflecting telephone or fax transmissions, price and sales data, wages, or other variables; and apply rigorous statistical approaches to these data where appropriate.

  • Expert Analysis
    • Adequacy of class
    • Class definition
    • Claim form and notice design
    • Claimed impact and damages
    • Class certification
    • Commonality analysis
    • Claims process design
    • Liability assessment
    • Potential conflicts among putative class members
    • Typicality assessment
  • Litigation Support
    • Demonstrative evidence
    • Discovery planning and participation
    • Distribution management
    • Document collection and management


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