BRG provides independent portfolio valuation services for illiquid securities across the entire capital structure. We will provide an opinion of value or positive assurance to GPs or LPs who want the input of a third party valuation advisor that knows the private funds industry from the perspectives of auditors, regulators and investors.

Our Investment Portfolio Valuation group provides valuations of illiquid securities across the entire capital structure to assist clients in complying with the latest fair value reporting requirements.

Engaging BRG’s valuation consultants to perform independent portfolio valuation services provides the following benefits:

  • Application of portfolio valuation approaches that satisfy fair value regulatory standards related to private illiquid investments
    • FASB ASC 820
    • GASB Statement No. 72
    • IFRS 13
  • Amplification of independent valuation objectivity through a standardized structure and process
  • Consistency and transparency of portfolio valuation procedures that reduce risk and exposure to adverse events
  • Credibility with current and prospective investors, auditors, and regulators, who require independent portfolio valuation services in valuation processes
  • Audit efficiency and cost savings by incorporating portfolio valuation experts well-versed in the external audit process
  • Allows investment management professionals to focus on core competencies

Asset Classes Valued

We help clients navigate the inherent fair value challenges of private, illiquid investments, from single investments to entire portfolios of securities, including:

  • Common and preferred equity including profit participating preferred shares or a simple agreement for future equity among other services. Our private equity valuations typically involve complex capital structures.
  • Debt securities including senior, subordinated and mezzanine loans; secured and unsecured; performing and distressed securities. We provide valuation services for Direct Lenders, BDCs, and Private Debt providers
  • Loan pools
  • Structured products including CLOs, CDOs, ABS, CMBS, RMBS and Structured Notes valuations
  • Derivatives valuations including options, warrants, synthetic securities, convertible securities and other hybrid securities
  • Tangible assets including infrastructure valuations, real estate, land, and machinery

In addition, we provide independent portfolio valuation services to satisfy portfolio company tax and fair value accounting needs.


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