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Some Silken Moment: Severed INXS Finger Worth $1.1 Million?

Eric Madsen

September 7, 2021

Competing economic damages calculations take center stage as Tim Farriss sues a boat company in Australia

INXS guitarist Tim Farriss is fighting in the New South Wales Supreme Court (Australia) for economic damages of $1.1 million due to his finger being severed in a 2015 boating accident. He also claims about $100,000 for medical expenses, for total damages of $1.2 million.

Yet the financial expert for the boat company claims Farriss’s economic damages are only $93,000.

While both damages figures assume a win on liability for Farriss, an award of $1.1 million would be heaven sent. But a payout of only $93,000 would have Farriss losing big on damages and pushing away bitter tears.

So what accounts for this more than 10-fold difference in expert estimates?

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