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BRG Energy & Climate Launches Enhanced LNG Wayfinder, Powered by Kpler LNG Trade and Shipping Data

July 31, 2020

BRG’s Energy & Climate practice has announced the launch of an improved LNG WayfinderTM, a cloud-enabled, client-driven service for the historical analysis of LNG prices, markets, trade and shipping. LNG Wayfinder now incorporates the support of Kpler, a leading provider of data intelligence in commodity markets.

In LNG Wayfinder, BRG’s strategic long-term market analytics are now powered by Kpler trade and shipping data, combined with the BRG Energy & Climate team’s senior LNG market and industry experts’ research and analysis. The service is delivered by BRG’s powerful cloud-enabled BRG DRIVETM platform for user-driven data analysis and visualization.

Chris Goncalves, leader of BRG’s Energy & Climate Change practice, said: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Kpler to incorporate its leading LNG trade and shipping data into our LNG Wayfinder service. This combines our expert market and commercial analytics with Kpler’s leading data intelligence into a powerful online tool for user-driven analysis and visualization of the critical price, market and commercial issues driving the global gas and LNG industry.”

Francois Cazor, cofounder and chief executive officer of Kpler, said: “Besides validating the quality and value of our data, this partnership allows us to reach new users in collaboration with BRG’s Energy & Climate team. The contributions of our respective companies are complementary and serve the same objective, which is to provide anyone involved in LNG with the information needed to operate at optimal levels.”

About LNG Wayfinder

LNG Wayfinder is an historical service that is updated quarterly to provide analysis of markets and prices over the last decade on annual and monthly bases. It will deliver global prices, price differentials and price relationships for major oil indexed prices, natural gas prices and LNG trading points worldwide; along with arbitrage analytics for major prices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Other analysis will include production and demand dynamics, and LNG and pipeline gas imports and exports by region and major country.

LNG Wayfinder is complemented by the LNG Horizon long-term price and market forecasting service. LNG Horizon is updated twice per year to provide ten-year monthly market and price forecasts. It includes analyses—such as prices, price differentials, and LNG-oil and LNG-gas price relationships—for major global natural gas hubs and LNG trading points; US shale gas and other natural gas production by basin; and LNG and pipeline gas trade flows between regions and countries.

Find out more about LNG Wayfinder and the BRG Drive platform.

About Kpler

Kpler is the leading provider of transparency solutions in commodity markets. Through the Kpler Terminal, commodity professionals get access to real time information (granular and macro flows, inventories, freight) on more than 20 different commodities including LNG, LPG, Crude Oil, Refined Products and Dry Bulk. Every day, more than 4,000 users from world-class trading houses, energy firms, shipping companies and financial institutions trust Kpler to understand the market, drive new opportunities, monitor their competition and feed their own data ecosystems. Founded in 2014, Kpler counts more than 100 employees located in major commodity and tech hubs (Houston, New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore). Visit

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