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BRG Energy Launches LNG Wayfinder and LNG Horizon, Cloud-Enabled Market- and Price-Analytic and Forecasting Services

April 1, 2019

BRG today announces the launch of LNG WayfinderTM and LNG HorizonTM to provide cloud-enabled market- and price-analytic and forecasting services. These tools will provide historical and forecast analysis of global gas and LNG prices, pricing conditions, arbitrage conditions, production, demand and trade.

Christopher J. Goncalves, Chair and Managing Director of BRG’s Energy practice, said, “These services are powered by proprietary research and expert analysis to curate and normalize the most recent, credible data sources. The natural gas and LNG industries are changing rapidly, with new markets, prices and commercial conditions all highly dynamic. LNG Wayfinder and LNG Horizon will provide our clients with a trusted source to analyze and forecast natural gas and LNG markets and prices worldwide, at a small fraction of the time and cost that it would take to do it themselves.”

LNG WayfinderTM is a historical service that is updated quarterly to provide analysis of markets and prices over the last decade on annual and monthly bases. It will deliver global prices, price differentials and price relationships for major oil indexed prices, natural gas prices and LNG trading points worldwide; along with arbitrage analytics for major prices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Other analysis will include production and demand dynamics, and LNG and pipeline gas imports and exports by region and major country.

LNG HorizonTM is updated twice per year to provide 10-year monthly market and price forecasts. It will include analyses—such as prices, price differentials, and LNG-oil and LNG-gas price relationships—for major global natural gas hubs and LNG trading points; US shale gas and other natural gas production by basin; and LNG and pipeline gas trade flows between regions and countries.

Tom Choi, a Director in BRG’s Energy practice, said, “LNG Horizon combines highly sophisticated energy modeling capability, best available data and powerful data-analytic and visualization technology, all brought conveniently to the user’s fingertips.”

Both LNG WayfinderTM and LNG HorizonTM will be delivered to clients via BRG’s bespoke analytics platform, BRG DRIVETM. Through this platform, BRG extends the analytics capabilities and expertise of the firm in a highly secure environment. For LNG WayfinderTM and LNG HorizonTM, DRIVETM provides a variety of analytic options for geographic focus, price metrics, currency units, volume measures, analytic methods and data comparisons for real-time, on-demand analysis by BRG clients.

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