Competition and Innovation: Why Europe Needs Dynamic Models in Digital Markets – and How Europe Can Build Them


April 12, 2021

As the Digital Markets Act makes its way through the European Union legislative process and members of the European Parliament prepare to table amendments on the text, the Lisbon Council convened a high-level roundtable on “Competition and Innovation: Why Europe Needs Dynamic Models in Digital Markets – and How Europe Can Build Them.”

David Teece launched Is the Proposed Digital Markets Act the Cure for Europe’s Platform Ills?a new paper coauthored with Henry Kahwaty. Stéphanie Yon-Courtin, member and vice chair of the committee on economic and monetary affairs at the European Parliament and rapporteur for the European Parliament’s Annual Report on EU Competition Policy 2019, discussed Europe’s analysis and the road ahead. Benedict Evans, a renowned technology policy thought-leader and venture partner at Mosaic Ventures, analyzed macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. Annabelle Gawer, professor of digital economy at the University of Surrey, discussed Online Platforms: Economic and Societal Effects, her recent European Parliament study on platforms, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Pierre Régibeau, chief economist, directorate-general for competition, European Commission, served as discussant and spoke about plans and priorities.

The discussion fed directly into the ongoing debate on the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act as they make their way through European Parliament.

View Dr. Teece and Dr. Kahwaty’s PPT and watch highlights from their presentation.

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