Our Strategic Advisory Growth Process

Unlike other strategic advisory firms that make strategic recommendations and leave clients to figure out the execution of strategy on their own, our professionals believe in being hands on and remaining close to clients. We partner with clients through the entire process, from strategy to implementation and execution, to help them realize success.

Since everything we do is based on analytics and volumes of internal and external business intelligence, we offer a measurement feedback loop that provides insight to measure our initial strategies to maintain successful outcomes and the ability to course correct if needed to support evolving growth.

Unlocking the silos within to enable strategic growth

As outside observers, we explore silos and integrate business divisions that should rely on one another and the disparate data with unlimited neutrality. Our work spans strategic growth advisory, business intelligence procurement, technology, business analytics, knowledge transfer, and practical wisdom.

We start by converting clients’ business challenges into data requirements through our proprietary translation and interpretation process, tapping into the most useful information sources across the enterprise. Then we model the data and interpret what it means in a business context, uncovering fact-based insights and converting them into growth strategies. We also assist with execution of our recommendations and put measurement systems in place to monitor their impact on business results, enabling continuous improvement and ensuring accountability.


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Managing Director


Philip Y. Rowley

Executive Director & Chief Revenue Officer

San Francisco Bay Area

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Managing Director


Our industry knowledge is broad and deep.

BRG combines intellectual rigor with practical, real-world experience. We have an in-depth understanding of industries and markets, with expertise spanning the major sectors of the global economy. Following are some of the many sectors that we know inside and out.