Protecting your organization from the possibility of product contamination, property damage, terrorism, workplace violence, and computer sabotage, including cyber-based attacks on intellectual, physical, financial, and human assets, involves specialized expertise.

Loss Prevention and Crisis Management

  • Comprehensive loss-prevention programs for retail/wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing organizations
  • Investigations into losses from theft or fraud
  • Identification of perpetrators and coordination with counsel in preparing litigation
  • Coordination with law enforcement agencies
  • Advice, guidance, and support to address threats, harassment, and workplace violence

Telecommunications and Computer Security

  • Programs to minimize risk of fraud, penetration, and abuse of computer and telecommunication systems
  • High-efficiency, easy-to-use protective mechanisms and oversight programs for corporate telecommunications networks and computers
  • Programs to prevent misuse of the internet by employees, hackers, and other outside parties

Physical Security

  • Security assessments
  • Comprehensive corporate security systems
  • Domestic or international security programs
  • Attention to threats from both outside and within an organization

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

  • Surveys for in-room or telephone listening devices
  • Recommendations for protection of communications

Executive and Personal Protection

  • Protection programs based on individual risk and exposure risk
  • Protection programs for prominent corporate executives and high-profile individuals
  • Risk assessments on office and home environments, and for family at home or abroad


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