As both U.S.–based entities and foreign corporations with U.S. operations continue to expand into emerging markets, corporate risk, compliance and legal teams need to ensure that corporate obligations under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA” or the “Act”) are not compromised or undermined by local market business practices and partnerships. Applicable to both entities and individuals with varying degrees of interaction with the United States, the Act prohibits the giving of money or anything else of value to a foreign official for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, and requires public corporations to maintain internal accounting controls sufficient to keep accurate books and records.

FCPA investigations require multidisciplined and multicultural teams that are adept at fact gathering, conducting interviews, evaluating accounting and financial data, and planning and executing eDiscovery activities, as well as effective coordination with counsel and interaction with U.S. regulators. BRG professionals have significant experience developing, evaluating, enhancing, and monitoring compliance and anti-fraud programs. Our combination of broad skills and multi-industry experience make us uniquely qualified to advise clients and their counsel with respect to both the FCPA and other jurisdictions’ anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance (“ABAC”) and anti-fraud regimes.

BRG’s international cadre of professionals possess the relevant experience and skills to conduct efficient and effective ABAC and fraud investigations. BRG advises clients on how to mitigate the financial and reputational exposure associated with inquiries, investigations, and prosecutions by both the U.S. and foreign governments. We have extensive experience and knowledge working with clients to achieve global solutions to bribery and corruption risks. Our team possesses considerable collective experience in business controls, including fraud detection and prevention, and more specifically compliance with U.S., local, and international anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations. As former corporate internal auditors, audit partners at international accounting firms, and financial fraud investigators, our professionals have led financial statement investigations for Fortune 500 and multinational corporations and conducted financial fraud analysis throughout the world. Our teams possess a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of monitors, as well as the perspectives and interests of regulators, prosecutors, and other stakeholders. Further, our teams combine functional and regulatory expertise with strong industry capabilities to bring unparalleled focus and value to our clients.

Our professionals have significant global experience in both industry and government. We have worked on high-profile engagements on behalf of external legal counsel, court-appointed receivers and trustees, and corporations. Our team has implemented global and regional compliance and anti-fraud programs, provided government investigation support, and developed corporate integrity agreements for many clients. In addition, we have acted as both the monitor and independent auditor of compliance programs for both clients and government agencies. Leveraging our collective experience across a variety of industries, we have developed a tried and tested approach to identify, prioritize, and manage risks; and establish effective compliance and anti-fraud programs that support and add value to business operations within multiple industries.


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